Happy Birthday to my Favorite Triplets!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Luke, Kate and Jack!!

These lovely kiddos are turning 6 today!  And the best part about it, is that tomorrow we will see them in person.  I love these kiddos so much and so does Uncle Alex.

To Kate...the girl following right in my footsteps...I love your passion for art, for anything frilly, sparkly, or just plain outrageous, and your kindness:)  You are such a blessing!

To Jack...the boy who loves knowledge and learning, bashful and yet the life of the party, and the one who does a mean Michael Jackson performance...you make my heart skip a beat!

To Luke...the sweetest, most loving little boy...without you 'Black Eyed Peas' would just be a group, now it's a memory...the boy with mad ball skills...you make each day brighter!

I am so excited to see my brother and Jen's three amazing kids tomorrow...wishing you lots of laughter, love and joy today and the rest of your 6th year!

We love you!
Auntie Andie (dunner) and Uncle Alex


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