Monday, November 23, 2009

here's a good article opposing obamacare...the health care reform bill sounds great in theory until it's put into place and things we stand for are thrown straight into the trash.

Abortion, Euthanasia, Eugenics, and Ethics Problems with Health Care Reform


Lisa said...

Hi! I'm actually responding not to this post, but I plan to read it after I comment...reverse!

I just figured out that you shared an article about a woman who ran a half marathon in less that 2 hours. I've been working on a long process to clear out my reader and just noticed it. Sounds like a cool blog! Do you know her?

Are you planning on running any more races? I would like to, but we'll see. I always feel so fragile! I hurt my ankle running the Sat after our 5k! Go figure!

Hope you're doing well! I miss connecting each week. :-)


Alex and Andrea said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for your comments...I love it when people make a comment. Funny thing about sharing that article...I didn't realize what sharing really did...lol! Now I know, and no I do not know her, but I like reading her blog! I would love to run more races, maybe starting out again with 5k's and working my way up to another half. Keep hanging in there:) It will get easier and your body will adapt. I miss connecting too...we'll have to get together sometime after the 1st of the year! It'd be great to catch up!

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