Taboo Topics, are you comfortable or not?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Politics, money, religion, and more. Topics that can cause those around you to flare up their tail feathers and retreat quicker than you can say, jump. For some of us, we invite these topics into our conversation with excitement, ready to share our opinions openly and sometimes forcefully. For others of us, we shy away, uncomfortable with conflict, even that of good debate. I am sure there are some of us in between, but for the most part I have seen people fall into one of these categories. Unfortunately I fall into the first category, and for the most part I usually make a fool out of myself in the process, putting my foot into my mouth more than I would care to. I have known my whole life that I have a strong personality, either you like me or you don't. But as I have grown in my walk with the Lord, he has been ever so graciously pointing out my weaknesses, especially in this area. Growing up I just wanted to be heard, so the more forcefully or excitedly I said something, usually ensured that someone would listen. As an adult, conversation usually doesn't happen this way! Take this past weekend for example. A couple of topics came up that really excite me; saving money, Costco, Super-Walmart, budgets, etc. For some reason, if I am excited about something, I for sure want to share my opinion and the pride in me wants everyone to think it's a great thing and to come on over and join me in my opinion. PROBLEM: when excitedly sharing something, do not come across forcefully, especially if in the end you could go either way on the topic...WHY: because it can hurt feelings and make friendships strained. For me, this weekend the Lord opened my eyes to sin...opened my eyes to the fact that my words are not gracious and uplifting and that I am not always thinking about what I should say and taking into account where others might be at. For those I have hurt, I am truly sorry. For those willing to come alongside me, pray that God would continually change my heart and the words of my mouth to be more like Christ. So where do you stand? I will continue to share openly and honestly in these taboo areas, I feel comfortable and unless they are demeaning to my husband or too much information, that will continue, but I hope to do it in a way that is worthy of the cross.


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