He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!  and what an Easter it is...looking out the window, I spy inches upon inches of white, fluffy snow!  But we rallied against the weather and ventured out to Easter Sunday service, decked out in spring attire.  A way to brighten the day!

Here we are after returning home from church and by now we have already changed into more comfortable attire for an afternoon at Alex's brothers house for Easter dinner.  My family growing up as far as I can remember would have Easter at our house, my aunt's, or grandma and grandpas, and it always consisted of ham, aunt diane rolls, and anything else we thought of.  After getting married I realized that not every family does things the same way.  Coming from a family that is quite a bit larger than Alex's, having a formal sit down dinner or going out for brunch, just wasn't possible.  That is where getting married comes in handy.  Alex is from a family that normally goes out for Easter brunch (this year we are doing dinner together), but they also do Christmas dinner, Christmas day brunch, etc.  It is so fun celebrating with both sides and participating in each others traditions.

Hope you are finding yourselves in the company of great friends and family this Easter as we celebrate the resurraction of our  Savior Jesus Christ, whose death secured Eternal life for all whose hearts have been opened to the Gospel!

Happy Easter!


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