Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You may remember that I christened my 30th year with a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish.  I've been making a bit of progress on the list (head here to see) and I'm very excited to announce that #14 has been crossed off the list.

What's #14?  Well, it was to start a new blog.  Many reasons behind this.  Although I advertise my blog via facebook (amongst "friends") I've never really felt comfortable commenting on many of the blogs out there, though I *REALLY* want too. Something about keeping some of our private life well a little more private. 

So I've been dreaming of a new blog.  A place to not only share parts of our life, but things on biblical womanhood, DIY projects, food, and my favorite things.  I've tried food blogging and I've tried the personal route.  The food blog (Blissful Bounty) I will not be posting on anymore.  I'm not sure I will delete it until I can archive it somehow, but as far as this blog.  This one I will continue to update, although maybe just 1x/week or even less than that.  My goal is 2x/month and it will mainly be life things, pictures of family, etc.  So please continue to follow along, I love having you here:)

But because I would love to expand my blog to be comfortable with many more people reading it, I chose to start a new one!

Here she is.  Please visit:)


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