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Friday, June 19, 2009

After a year of having our house on the market, we are reluctantly sharing that once again a purchase agreement has been signed:) After the last person bailed with flimsy excuses during the inspection (and it's okay to get cold feet!) we were a little discouraged and very ready to settle back in and were thinking of pulling it off the market. I mean, everyone needs a little bit of mess in their house right? Not that I am complaining, but not having to make sure everything is pristine, will be, well, refreshing! So if everything goes as planned, we will close on the house July 15th and will be moving to an apartment for the forseeable future in Eden Prairie. It's off 62 and 212 and we are really looking forward to it...I think all this cleaning, fixing, improving, inside and out has worn us out! So pray with us that there will be no hiccups!


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