He's back!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well...Alex has made it back safe and sound from Lake Tahoe. I think he's going to post a message with some highlights and photos coming up here soon. It sounds like he had a great time with the guys, and though I missed him, I also had a great time up in Duluth with a friend of mine for a very relaxing spa weekend. This year instead of arriving at the airport and asking for a ride to the emergency room(more on that in a bit) he came back needing some Nyquil to nurse a cold. Last year, upon arriving in MN, Alex needed to go to the emergency room because he thought he broke his heel. A couple of x-rays later, and it was realized that his heel was not broken but indeed bruised and sprained! Talk about a memory! After Alex got back we had our Marriage Retreat. This is the second year we have gone and it was a great time. We head to Chaska, which is aobut 15 minutes from our house for the weekend and learn about marriage and visit with friends. We always like the time away...plus marriage advice, well what's the harm in learning more!


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